We guide high school students and their families who seek education consultation services.

From the admission point of view, the services require extensive research and active involvement.

With our experience and expertise, we help the student go through each step in final success in the complex admission process of international universities.

College Planning and Shortlisting

Finding the “right-fit” college is as tricky a job as it is crucial for future success.

Over the years, we have capitalized on our research and stories of our past students to curate the perfect college list for our candidates based on important factors like location, cost, weather, culture, population, etc.

If only online college rankings could help one form a perfect college list, then there wouldn’t be any disappointments or drop-outs.

High School Mentoring and Profile Building

Counselling and mentoring of high school kids commence as early as Grade 8.

From helping them identify their strengths and passions, to guiding them to balance time between academics and extra-curriculars efficiently, we aim to build integrity and depth in their profile and personality.

We believe that our mentoring process lays down the foundation stone for not only a successful college application but also a fruitful career ahead.

College Interview Preparation

An integral part of the application process, we prepare the candidate with numerous mock sessions.

We pitch in with our experience to conduct the mock interviews for the aspiring students.

Essay Brainstorming and Applications

Having tackled hundreds of college essays, we have expertise in turning the most ordinary experience into an extraordinary story to tell.

Through our writing exercises and continuous feedback, we teach them writing and thinking skills which are not taught in schools. There are no shortcuts to writing a compelling essay which can make or break your application.

Hence, we have unlimited brainstorming and editing sessions till we get that perfect essay which truly reflects a student’s sense of purpose.

Applications for Scholarships and Financial Aid

This aspect of college applications remains a mystery for many students and parents.

We help you decode the several fine prints in college websites and give you a real picture of how much money you can save while studying in a college abroad.

Putting together a college list for a student who needs financial aid requires a lot of strategy and experience with college trends.

We have successfully aided many students in getting the relevant scholarships and aids.